Saturday, 21 July 2012

A dog for Michael Vick...

Family and friends of the V Dogs, I will be leading a campaign on behalf of the dogs who did and did not walk of MV's compound alive to ensure the integrity of the rescue world remains intact. I was reading what Francis Battista of Best Friends Animal Society has written, and ANY reputable rescue or breeder would not adopt/sell to this man. Part of trying to help ensure the integrity of the rescue and reputable breeding world is making sure that the animals are going into loving and homes that will allow for ALL parties to be enriched by their new addition. Sadly, this is not the case for ALL rescuers and breeders. We will be putting our voice to trying to ensure that no dog ever go to MV's home.

The outcome of this particular dog fight bust may have its benefits in having created awareness, but, truth be told, the effects on actual dog fighting is not nearly enough. How can it be when the cause celebre sees its society driven main character is the main focus? Why is there not more written about the dogs? Dogs bred for it, dogs stolen for it? The aftermath of the rescue of all dogs is a costly affair, and it is a heartbreaking one. It is also a very overwhelming one. I have adopted each and every one of these dogs into my life, into my heart, and it KILLS me to know that there are too many of them who still suffer. Medically, emotionally and physically. Yes, I have made my peace with all of it, but, emotions and knowledge have a funny way of biting you in the arse.

When this came up months ago, I said I would do something. And I am. I thought long and hard all day about this, and what it could mean for this page and what I do- I would never want to jeopardize the goodness of these dogs and their people, or what the intention behind this is.

Here is what I had to say last night on the FB page:

I do not post things to do with MV...ever...on this page. So why am I posting tonight? Because this is well written, and I DO concur with the ASPCA (who played an integral part in helping the dogs survive) that he has not done anything to show he has been rehabilitated. And, it has come up on this page. To my knowledge, not ONE family has been contacted to see how the dogs are doing. There has been no attempt nor has he shown any public concern over the dogs (who are forever linked to him) he (and his friends) used and abused. It surely would have come to my ears, if he had, and it may seem like I would be dishonourable to the dogs I have come to love and their people to say this, but, I have heard nothing. When we gave him the opportunity to share a stage with the dogs on Oprah, he walked away. When Richard Hunter tried to show him Mel, and talk about Mel, he walked away.
It makes me so very sad and angry that we live in a society that has lifted this man to be in a position he should never have- that of a role model. I have accepted what he has done, just as I have accepted that there are STILL dogs trying to overcome what he and his band of merry men did to them. (The stay in the shelters for 6 months did not help, either.) He should not have a dog, a cat, or even a goldfish. I would think even a pet rock would be more than I can think about. ANYONE with such little disregard for animals should NEVER have them in their homes. But, we all see too much of that, and standing up and putting your foot down on a celebrity would send a GREAT message. Lord knows the NFL did not do a good thing for society, in helping him come back. (See the people and the arrests in the NFL now? Crazy!) Using your kids as a sympathy card is rotten. What did he think of his kids when he went to the sheds?
Those are my thoughts, and I hate to sully my page with this man, because he has ZERO place here. But, it has come up, and I am addressing it. This will be the ONLY time I do this, so please, use this to dialog. Please keep profanity out of it, there are kids on this page.
Apologies V Dog families and friends if this is an offensive post.
Much love to everyone. xoxox

Yes, Francis, I WILL be thinking of Lucas...I will also be thinking of Jhumpa, Ginger, Hector, Oscar (who I wanted to adopt) as well as Ray (who is STILL waiting for his home) Georgia, Ellen (RIP), Layla, Denzel, Curly and Meryl. I will also be thinking of every other little soul in rescue and places of breeding.

I will be posting the links to this mission this weekend. I ask for support from all, and I also ask to keep it mature and profanity free, because we DO have children who follow the Little Engines.

As always,