Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Former Vick Dogs: Looking For a Place to Call Home

When I first set out to do this blog, one of the posts I knew I was going to do was one for the Vicktory Dogs who are presently looking for homes. When I set out to start writing this a few days ago, I had mentally prepared everything. As I started to get the links to the dogs adoption pages on the Best Friends Animal Society site, I had a moment of panic when I could find neither Ellen or Georgia through my usual search. I knew Georgia had a pending forever home, but, what happened to Ellen? When I finally located both little ladies, everything I had planned for this post disappeared...I was overwhelmed with devastation. May sound a little over dramatic for some, but, to find them both listed on the senior page, beside another dog's face I recognized, Lena, I truly was devastated. What did this mean for these dogs who have been waiting long enough to finally know a home? People rid themselves of their senior dogs, not many are wanting to have a "new" dog they will say goodbye to, sooner, rather than later. It is a special person who will reach out to these senior animals who need homes. (Not all the Vicktory Dogs up for adoption are seniors, but, only guesstimates have been made for their ages.) I am hoping, with all I have in me, that the people for the 4 Vicktory Dogs waiting on forever homes, are out there.

I am not going to post anything about them, other than their names and a picture. Click the links (their names above their pictures) to learn more. Consider what they need from a home and what is best suited to their individual needs. I refuse to believe that there is not one home for each of them, and their needs. I refuse to believe that whoever adopts them will not have a more fulfilling life. I refuse to believe that they are not as important as any other animal, based on where they are, now.                                      

The Vicktory Dogs, and those from similar backgrounds, often have some issues from their former lives. It can be health or emotional. Much like we humans are able to overcome, or live a life to its fullest, the same can be said for our animal friends. Issues like babesia (a blood parasite common in fight dogs) is treatable, as is helping a dog feel safe and secure in a new place. True, there is a different set of rules for adopting these dogs, which makes sense- high profile case with dogs who helped change the course of life for many who came after. There are also differing "must and must not" have in future families, which is normal, considering where they come from. There are lingering health issues. Not one of these things should put a person off, once they know what the dog is best not to be around. Health issues can be dealt with, with the help of a trusted vet and trust comes with work. That should not be anything that holds anyone back- if it were, most of us would be living a very lonely life. Same for us, same for them- in those two respects. 


I have heard a lot of people say they love Best Friends, no place like it. I cannot argue that. BUT, it is still a place for healing. It should remain a home for only those whose lives were spared, but cannot live in a home. Dogs who are ready should be in homes. It is best for them, the people who adopt and makes room for others to also benefit from healing hearts and hands. If I can put it another way- how would you feel, knowing you were ready to go home after surgery, but could not, because the only thing needed was someone to take you there and remain a source of aide? Not uncommon, and it is the same thing here. Except, they have not yet met those people, where we have. I do not like the amount of animals needing homes. I hate seeing Pit Bulls get the short end of the stick. I hate what I see, daily, in amounts of dogs and cats needing homes.  Mostly, I hate thinking that because a rescue is great and has excellent caregivers, that this is a reason to push adoptable dogs (and cats) in their care aside for others, who are also in need of a warm bed and loving hearts. This also goes for the countless dogs sitting in boarding.

My sole purpose and thoughts reside with 4 dogs who have seen hell, and have come out on top. Dogs who faced what we would not wish on our worst enemies, and overcome. Dogs who opened the doors for many more after them, and still wait to know what "Home Sweet Home" means. Dogs who simply need a chance and to be more than part of a collective group of amazing and beautiful dogs. Dogs who need a home. Not because they belonged to a famous quarterback, not because they are Pit Bulls. Because they are dogs who can teach us a lot more than we can ever teach them. Because they have worked their tails off to earn this.

Please reach out and share these 4 dogs- their homes are out there, just waiting to be blessed by them. It is time for them to go home.

You can get a little insight into what life for Squeaker and Oscar has been like the past year, by visiting the Facebook page they share. A little more about where they are spending their days, lately, as the newest members of Parrot Garden- where many of their fine feathered friends are also looking for homes.
Visit the Parrot Garden Facebook page.

Many thanks for taking the time to read and share these precious dogs.

As always,


StardustSavannah said...

What beautiful faces so full of intelligence!

Anonymous said...

what ever happened with Georgia ?

Holly said...

she has a forever home pending :o)

Jeanne said...

I tried to adopt Oscar but he could not live in a home with another male dog. It broke my heart! But I support him thru Best Friends monthly donations. Anyone can do that for these dogs!