Monday, 27 February 2012

Positive Affirmations with the Vick Dogs: Part 1

There is so much we can learn through the Vick Dogs, things that can be applied to our own human lives. 

Like learning there really is no obstacle that we cannot overcome. Might take a little longer for some things, but, overcome it, you will!

Or, maybe, that when we are so hurt and low in our lives, it is hard to imagine a time when we can smile. But, there is a time when we can. Because...

There will always be someone.... a sister, a brother, a mother or father, a friend, or even a stranger who is willing to stand beside us, when we need that extra strength.

So if you need time to heal, that is okay, just do not forget that being able to smile means that you are on the road to healing. And one final thought...

Never, ever let anyone overpower you with what they see and point out on your outside...everyone is beautiful and are the most beautiful when they let their inner selves shine.

While this may seem silly to some, it is only because they have not taken the time to truly see that we really are not that different from these (or any) dogs...we all feel and we all get scared and we all have to work something out at some point in our lives. Some are a little greater than others, but, in the end, anything is possible if you let yourself.

Much love to all of you amazing V Dog friends,

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