Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fifth Anniversary Week

I cannot help but sit here and think of the men and women who had the heart and gut wrenching task of walking onto the property of Michael Vick, 5 years ago tomorrow. I cannot help but think of their anticipation as they prepared the night before. Surely it was a restless night filled with worry about how and what was to be done. If we were to compare this to being the V Dogs rebirth, then surely this night, 5 years ago, was the beginning of the labour pains. I cannot help but think, also, of how truly courageous and strong these people are, and if I would be able to do what gruesome and sad task lay ahead of them.

The story of the V Dogs is one that begins and ends with the human-dog connection, and what we lack and excel at, as human beings. The police dog who walked the lot with his handler and found drugs in the car of MV's cousin, became a journey of compassionate and dedicated people who wanted nothing more than for these dogs to live full and happy lives. Determined people set on saving the lives of these fight ring dogs turned into a brighter future not only for the dogs who walked off that property alive, but, for so many who have come after.

This week is going to be a celebration of the V Dogs and the people who love them. The people who invested so much of themselves, and the people who continue to keep the dogs safe and loved. The story from the beginning is not an easy one, but, it is one that needs to be shared, and truly listened to. We will look back, and we will look ahead. I am going to ask that the posts and blogs open up discussion, because with and through the V Dogs, we CAN open hearts and minds. More importantly, we, ourselves, can learn so much, so we can go into the world and be effective. Not just in rescue, but, in our own day to day lives. There is a lesson for each of us in the journey of the V Dogs and the people who love them.

So many people are owed a lot, because of their determination and care throughout the journey thus far, I do hope I can do right by each of them, the dogs, and you.

With the deepest respect and appreciation,
Nikhi xo


Cat McCumber said...

We also need to thank MV's groundskeeper, who was instrumental in the investigation and provided the police with the location of the graves.
Everytime i start to feel like giving up, everytime i think i cannot make it thru another day of horrid cruelty and prejudice against this breed that i love and respect, i look at pics of Johnny Justice, Little Red, Ginger, Gracie and the others and remind myself that i have to go on. i have to do whatever necessary to save these dogs. we are currently working on getting BSL repealed in Ashtabula, OH.
For the Vicktory dogs, for my Pibbles Ben and Gypsy, and for humanity, we must push forward.

All Natural Pet Care said...

Many thanks to all who were involved, and those who remain involved. As long as the good people still outnumber the bad, we'll be OK. :-)

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