Thursday, 19 April 2012

Let's Get the V Dogs on Ellen!

How can this face not
 make people smile?
We are coming up fast on the 5th anniversary of the Vicktory Dogs rescue, and we would love to see something special done for them, and every other dog out there who faces discrimination, abuse and hatred. So, why not help encourage Ellen DeGeneres to have them on her show? This is a global platform, and we ALL know that what faces Pit Bull type dogs in North America faces them globally. It has been an astounding 5 years for this collective group of dogs. What began in such uncertainty, has seen all living in their own first homes, with a few still working damn hard to make it there. The doors they have opened for dogs who come from the same life they led, Pit Bulls, and dogs in general are many. The doors they can open, remain many more.

I am going to admit to being somewhat taken aback by some of the reactions I have gotten/seen from people over this quest. I have seen people not care to show the world how far they have come, and people flat out refuse to repost the video because they have issues with Ellen returning a puppy...and there have been other reasons for not sharing or wanting to see this happen. I ask everyone to put everything aside, for the bigger picture. The bigger picture is what ALL of the dogs have accomplished individually. So many dogs, from one situation worse than most people can even imagine...yet each is able to give and accept love. Some even reaching out to help children and adults learn a little more about overcoming. A collective group of amazing individual dogs who each stand for all our dogs. If you are fighting against BSL, or shelters who will not adopt out Pit Bull type dogs, you need to be in on this. This is too big not to, and I truly do care about what fate awaits thousands of dogs I have never met. I also care very much about the V Dogs, and I believe they have such tremendous power to open so many hearts and minds by appearing on one show. 
This book under everyone's seat would open a lot of eyes!

Time to pull together, and help raise the dogs above their past, and show the world just WHO they have become. Time to help Ellen, Oscar, Ray and Squeaker find the people they can call their own. It is time to share and to reach out to Ellen and get everyone on the love train. And please, remember this is not about Vick and his friends...this is about the dogs and their people. 

Here is how:

Share the video....

Click this link to Ellen's Facebook page and share the video and your thoughts on the dogs appearing!

You can also get on Twitter and follow us @Vee_Dogs and share all the V Dog awesome with your friends!
(Ellen is @TheEllenShow)

Use any and all means to reach out to everyone who wants to help the dogs and their people show the world what is possible. 
These ears have powers of their own. 
The power is in our hands...and we can do this, if we ALL pull together.

Much love and respect, always...
Nikhi xo


Babes 4 Bullies said...

AMEN! Let's get this done! So much to say on this topic that I will just leave it at this. :)

Keep up the good work!

weezy said...

sent my letter and video in!